Confetti Holdings

Confetti Holdings Pvt Ltd is a well structured retail company in Bangalore, India. Over the years, Confetti has maintained its relationships with major retail brands. 

The group has been working with a mission to achieve perfection in every assignment undertaken. With a vision to promote growth, Confetti has been striving hard to make a mark in the retail sector. The group is presently running franchisees for the famous Nilgiri’s Supermarkets, a brand of Future Group in Bangalore.

Confetti Holdings works with precision. Honesty and long associations are the two main principles behind the group’s working module. This is the reason why Confetti still has an association with the clients they worked long back.

Confetti owns and operates retail franchisees in Bangalore and is looking for new ventures as well. As they say, the moment you stop your vision to get more work, success goes away. This is the reason why Confetti is also making strategies to enter into new partnerships. 

The group is a professional group of people who believes in maintaining fruitful relationships with their business partners. Moreover, Confetti understands the everyday fast changing world of retail. The group has a thorough knowledge of ins and outs of retail sector and thus is an excellent player when it comes to making investments. 

Confetti believes in taking challenges head on and then leveraging their qualities and strengths to attain success. This is the reason behind their success attaining attitude. With a talented team, Confetti has worked hard to promote retail business and increase the sales as well as market share of their brands.

Golden rule to strive in retail business is to understand the customer’s demand and then think over strategies to derive high sales rate while fulfilling them. You need to create a platform to capture what the customer wants and the upcoming trends of market. This is understood and incorporated in the working style of Confetti.

Business partnerships

  • Confetti Holdings is operating franchisees for Nilgiri’s Supermarkets in Bangalore. Nilgiri's Supermarket is a modern trade supermarket chain and enjoys high reputation among the different brands.
  • The promoters of Confetti also holds investments in Glee Consumer Products Pvt Ltd, which is firm promoting its own range of FMCG products.
  • Confetti has future plans of entering the food and beverages industry with a chain of restaurants to service more audience.

Confetti Holdings has a good business presence in retail sector and is hopeful of maintaining the success rate.